Instructions for VNG testing

Some medicines, foods and drinkings can affect the outcome of your VNG test by making changes in your body’s performance and thus lead to erroneous and misleading results. Therefore, the following must be observed:
24 hours before VNG test:
• Do not take medications prescribed for dizziness , nausea or motion sickness.
•Do not use sedatives and antidepressants.
• Do not take painkillers.
• Do not take antihistamines.
• Do not take diuretics.
• Alcohol and drug use will also change the results.
On Test Day:
•Don’t eat foods containing caffeine (such as tea, coffee, chocolate, etc.).
• Do not use cosmetics, especially around the eyes.
• Wear comfortable clothing.
2 hours before test:
• Do not smoke.
• Eat nothing except water.
• If you have diabetes, do not change your diet plan and let the audiologist know about it.

The VNG test may cause dizziness that persists shortly after the test. So it is better for someone else to accompany you. Otherwise, plan to stay in the office for about 30 minutes after the test to relieve the remaining vertigo.