Herbal Remedies for Dizziness

In various studies as well as experimentally in different societies, it has been found that some herbs and some of their compounds reduce dizziness and vertigo. Lavender is recommended and still used to reduce stress and anxiety as well as to reduce the severity of vertigo. Ginger, citrus fruits, black seedsand peppers are also recommended to reduce dizziness and vertigo. Most of these herbal compounds appear to be effective in reducing dizziness and vertigo by reducing patients stress and anxiety and by their sedative effects.
Dizziness and vertigo can be caused by a variety of causes, and the cause of dizziness and vertigo must also be treated. In common vertigo illnesses such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), Menier’s disease and vestibular neuritis, there are different causes for vertigo. In BPPV, for example, otoconia particles floating in one or more semicircular ducts cause vertigo each time the patient places his or her head in a certain position. So its treatment is focused on removing these otoconia particles from where they should not be. And this treatment should only be done in the form of vestibular rehabilitation. In the case of Menier’s disease, the agent that causes the vertigo symptoms, which is the increased pressure of the endolymphatic fluid on the inner ear, should also be resolved with some medications. In the case of auditory nerve tumor (acoustic schwannoma) the patient will be treated surgically. As a result, in most cases of severe or chronic vertigo, specialised treatment should be performed by a specialist or audiologist through medical therapy, surgery and vestibular rehabilitation, and herbal treatment alone will not work.