✅How is the treatment of vertigo?

Managements of vertigo are divided into three main categories: medication, surgery and vestibular rehabilitation. In most cases of acute dizziness, the first treatment option is medication. In this period, medication is utilized to control patient’s symptoms. When the cause of dizziness is recognized after conducting thorough examinations and specialized evaluations, the primary treatment which usually is medication is adopted. In some patients who have severe and debilitating symptoms, surgical treatments are utilized. This treatment option is applied when there are brain hemorrhage and tumor.
If vertigo results from damage to the peripheral vestibular structures (related to the inner ear), vestibular rehabilitation is required in addition to medications. In vestibular rehabilitation program, audiologist specifies some exercises for the patient based on the results of conducted evaluations and involved structures. The duration of these exercises varies from 3 months to 2 years. It should be taken into consideration that in some diseases such as Meniere’s disease vestibular rehabilitation leads to delays in patient’s recovery.

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