✅What specialists are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo?

Generally, in acute phases of vertigo, patients are referred to emergency departments and after initials measures; they are referred to a specialist. Usually, a neurologist or ear, nose and throat physician can help vertiginous patients based on different symptoms that patient is experiencing. Moreover, in cases that a thorough examination of the patient is required, blood test, brain imaging, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular investigations are performed. If there is a possibility that vertigo results from a dysfunction in the inner ear, the patient is referred to an audiologist. In this stage, different structures of the inner ear, their connections with the central nervous system and also patient’s balance abilities are examined. Based on these evaluations, an appropriate treatment is recommended. It must be mentioned that if the main cause of vertigo doesn’t properly identify, all of the treatment processes would be affected and in some cases results in worsening of patient’s symptoms.

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